Rural Robots

It’s the year 2049 and robots have taken over rural India. In no time the half-human, half-robot species have already spread across most of urban India. The outside world sees this as a start of an apocalypse until of course one fine rainy day, it starts to change after one of the robots becomes sentient.

"I always trusted code more than people anyway." - Elsie Hughes (Westworld)

The Story

I’m sure I speak for most if not all of us — the term NFT was pretty new at the start of 2021 but since then it’s quickly become a term that everyone including my 15 year old niece is familiar with.

I’ve spent the past 6 months in learning about not just how to create and sell NFTs but also the blockchain, web3, crypto-currency, meta-verse and so on. Whilst my learning has only just begun, I couldn’t wait to get my hands dirty — artistically speaking, of course. And before you know it, I had already started experimenting with Generative AI Art.

So there you have it! I guess it’s safe to say I finally lost my Generative AI Art virginity.

Phew! In case you’re vibing with the art, check out the whole collection.