Elohim & Kenneth

Elohim & Kenneth are a group of investors, entrepreneurs and professionals from the field of marketing, finance, technology, commerce and communications, engaged in the creation and execution of possibilities.



Praveen Kenneth entrusted me with creating the Brand Website for Elohim & Kenneth. Collaborating closely over 30 days, we crafted an engaging website, prioritizing a seamless user experience aligned with Elohim & Kenneth’s ethos.



My creative process is straightforward yet thorough. It begins with a Moodboard, where I explore various possibilities to determine the most effective creative direction. After carefully refining the best ideas from the Moodboard, I move into the Design phase. Once the designs are polished to perfection, I present them to the client for Review. I then incorporate any feedback provided by the client, make final adjustments if necessary, and Handover the finished creatives.



Project Summary

I am immensely grateful for the opportunity to have created the Brand Website for Elohim & Kenneth. Being deeply involved in shaping how the brand was introduced to the online world was truly exhilarating.

Our collaborative efforts were instrumental in the successful launch of the service.




Strategy & Creative Direction + Design & Writing – Jay Mavani

Front-End & Back-End DevelopmentSandeep Gaykhe (Connecting Domains)

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