dotSPACE Domains

.space domains power the world’s most innovative startups.
It’s more than just a domain registration service; it’s a gateway to innovation, a digital playground for tech enthusiasts, startups, and established tech giants alike.



Radix, world’s second largest domain portfolio registry approached me to build the brand identity and website for .space domains plus help with the product global launch. Over the course of 90 days, I worked closely with the Radix team to craft an expressive brand and seamless product experience that stayed true to its ethos.



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Project Summary

I feel incredibly lucky to have had the opportunity to work on the brand identity and website for .space domains and to be a part of the product launch. It was a thrilling experience to be a key player in defining how .space domains would be presented to the world.

Contributing to the brand’s identity and website gave me the chance to make a significant impact, and our efforts paved the way for a successful product launch.




Strategy & Creative Direction + Design & Writing – Jay Mavani

Front-End & Back-End Development – Radix Registry (Internal Team)

Brand Logo – Radix Registry (External Team)

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